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Preparing and Probing Atomic Number States With an Atom Interferometer



Jennifer Sebby-Strabley, Ben L. Brown, M Anderlini, Patricia J. Lee, William D. Phillips, James V. Porto, Philip R. Johnson


We describe the controlled loading and measurement of number-squeezed states and Poisson states in individual sites of a double well optical lattice. These states are input to an atom interferometer that is realized by symmetrically splitting individual lattice sites into double wells, allowing atoms in individual sites to evolve independently. The two paths then interfere, creating a matter-wave double-slit diffraction pattern. The time evolution of the double-slit diffraction pattern is used to measure the number statistics of the input state. Theflexibility of our double well lattice provides a means to detect the presence of empty lattice sites, an important and so far unmeasured factor in determining the fidelity of a Mott state.
Physical Review Letters


Bose Einstein Condensate, double well, optical lattices Quantum information


Sebby-Strabley, J. , Brown, B. , Anderlini, M. , Lee, P. , Phillips, W. , Porto, J. and Johnson, P. (2007), Preparing and Probing Atomic Number States With an Atom Interferometer, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created May 16, 2007, Updated October 12, 2021