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Preface, Introduction and Chapter 11 to appear in the book Control from MEMS to Atoms



Jason J. Gorman, Benjamin Shapiro


Preface Abstract: This is the preface of the book. No abstract is available. Introduction Abstract: The goal of this book is to show how control systems can be successfully applied to applications in micro- and nanosystems, to explore the wide variety of applications where control can have a significant impact at the micro- and nanoscale, and to identify the greatest challenges in this new field. This chapter briefly describes the motivation behind the book and the subjects covered within. Chaper 11 Abstract: The chapters in this book were taken from different groups, each of which has addressed a different topic in control of miniaturized systems. Yet the broad issues they had to solve turn out to be strikingly similar. We close this book by describing some common threads and technical challenges found throughout the book chapters and in the field in general. This is followed by comments on research directions that we believe are necessary to enable future innovations in this area.
Control from MEMS to Atoms
Publisher Info
Springer, New York, NY


MEMS, microelectromechanical systems, feedback control, nanomanufacturing, nanotechnology
Created December 31, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017