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Prediction of the Burning Rate of Non-Charring Polymers



Stanislav Stoliarov, Sean Crowley, R Lyon, Gregory T. Linteris


This study demonstrates that a numerical pyrolysis model called ThermaKin, which was developed by SRA International, Inc. and the Federal Aviation Administration, can be used to predict and extrapolate the results of gasification and cone calorimetry experiments performed on non-charring polymers. The predictions require the knowledge of chemical and physical material properties, which can be obtained from milligram-scale laboratory tests and/or existing literature data. This work represents an early step on the path to development of a general methodology for prediction of flammability of polymer-based materials in a broad range of fire scenarios. This methodology will enable the design of a fire-proof aircraft by accurately identifying the materials and structures that would mitigate the hazards of a typical fire. This methodology is also expected to be helpful in investigations of fire-related aviation accidents.
Combustion and Flame


materials flammability, cone calorimetry, gasification, pyrolysis model, ThermaKin


Stoliarov, S. , Crowley, S. , Lyon, R. and Linteris, G. (2009), Prediction of the Burning Rate of Non-Charring Polymers, Combustion and Flame (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2008, Updated October 12, 2021