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Precision Measurements using a 300 mV Josephson Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer



Samuel P. Benz, Paul D. Dresselhaus, Charles J. Burroughs, Norman F. Bergren


We have developed a Josephson Digital-to-Analog Converter, otherwise know as a Josephson Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer, with 300 mV peak output voltage. This is the first system of its kind with demonstrated quantum accuracy. We will show precision synthesized waveforms from dc to 100 kHz with measured distortion and harmonic content below −115 dBc (dB below the carrier or fundamental). The heart of the system is a superconducting microwave integrated circuit with two Josephson junction arrays biased in parallel for the microwave drive and connected in series to double the voltage for the audio frequency output waveforms. New superconducting integrated circuits with twice as many stacked junctions and improved microwave circuits have allowed us to more than double the output voltage of our recent system. We will also demonstrate that quantum-based synthesized arbitrary waveforms (not only sine waves) can be used for precision measurements of a high-performance commercial analog-to-digital converter.
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


AC measurements, AC voltage standard, digital-to-analog Converter, Josephson arrays, Josephson devices


Benz, S. , Dresselhaus, P. , Burroughs, C. and Bergren, N. (2007), Precision Measurements using a 300 mV Josephson Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, [online], (Accessed June 12, 2024)


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Created June 4, 2007, Updated January 27, 2020