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Precise Determination of 6Li Cold Collision Parameters by Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy on Weakly Bound Molecules



M Bartenstein, A Altmeyer, S Riedl, R Geursen, S Jochim, C Chin, J Hecker Denschlag, R Grimm, Andrea Simoni, Eite Tiesinga, Carl J. Williams, Paul S. Julienne


Radio-frequency spectroscopy on weakly bound 6Li_2 molecules determines to high precision the molecular binding energies and the energy splitting between molecular states. By fitting the measurement to a multi-channel quantum scattering model, we determine the singlet and triplet scattering lengths as a_S=45.167(8) a_0 and a_T=-2140(18) a_0 (1 a_0 = 0.0529177 nm). The positions of the broad Feshbach resonances in the lowest three s-wave scattering channels are 83.41(15) mT, 69.04(5) mT, and 81.12(10) mT, respectively.
Physical Review Letters


interatomic potentials, laser cooling, RF spectroscopy, ultracold molecules


Bartenstein, M. , Altmeyer, A. , Riedl, S. , Geursen, R. , Jochim, S. , Chin, C. , Hecker Denschlag, J. , Grimm, R. , Simoni, A. , Tiesinga, E. , Williams, C. and Julienne, P. (2005), Precise Determination of <sup>6</sup>Li Cold Collision Parameters by Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy on Weakly Bound Molecules, Physical Review Letters (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created February 28, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021