The Practice of Pulse Processing

Published: November 12, 2015


Joseph W. Fowler, Bradley K. Alpert, William B. Doriese, Young Il Joe, Galen C. O'Neil, Joel N. Ullom, Daniel S. Swetz


The analysis of data from x-ray microcalorimeters requires great care; their excellent intrinsic energy resolution cannot usually be achieved in practice without a statistically near-optimal pulse analysis and corrections for important systematic errors. We describe the essential parts of a pulse-analysis pipeline for data from x-ray microcalorimeters, including steps taken to reduce systematic gain variation and the unwelcome dependence of filtered pulse heights on the exact pulse-arrival time. We find these steps collectively to be essential tools for getting the best results from a microcalorimeter-based x-ray spectrometer.
Citation: Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Pub Type: Journals

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Microcalorimeters, x-ray pulses
Created November 12, 2015, Updated March 23, 2018