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Power-Consumption Outage in Beyond Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Systems



Hamid Gharavi


One of the biggest problems facing future mobile systems beyond 5G (B5G) is the energy dissipation of mobile devices at high data rates. The heat generated by these devices can impact the performance as a result of a new type of outage called power-consumption outage. In this paper, we propose a general definition of the power-consumption outage and describe its three features. Based on the heat transfer model in smartphones, the power-consumption outage probability is analyzed. Specifically, we derive the joint outage probability of channel and power-consumption outages in relation to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), communication duration, and initial temperature of the smartphone-back-plate. The joint outage probability is then used to obtain the upper bound of the maximum receiving rate of a typical smartphone. Furthermore, we propose and analyze the impact on the capacity of the power consumption outage. Simulation results show that the power-consumption outage probability increases with an increase of SNR and with extension of the communication duration. The upper bound of the maximum receiving rate of a smartphone decreases with an extension of communication duration. Considering the joint outage probability, simulation results show that the outage capacities, i.e., channel and power- consumption outages, decrease with an increase of SNR after reaching a given capacity threshold.
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications


massive MIMO, mobile communication, outage probability, capacity with outage, smartphones


Gharavi, H. (2021), Power-Consumption Outage in Beyond Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Systems, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, [online],, (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created February 11, 2021, Updated January 17, 2024