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Potential Primary Measurement Tool for the Quantification of DNA



Ryan G. Brennan, Savelas A. Rabb, Marcia J. Holden, Michael R. Winchester


An automated sample introduction system, utilizing a demountable direct injection high efficiency nebulizer (d DIHEN), is successfully incorporated for the first time with an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) for the measurement of the phosphorus content in acid-digested nucleotides and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). With this experimental setup, the solution uptake rate is reduced from 170 L min-1 to 30 L min-1, and the required sample size is reduced from 10 mL to 2.4 mL in comparison to previous analyses in our lab using a glass, concentric nebulizer with cyclonic spray chamber arrangement. The use of direct injection improves P (I) 213.617 nm sensitivity by a factor of 4 on average. A high performance (HP) methodology in combination with the current sample introduction system and ICP-OES provides simultaneous, time-correlated internal standardization and drift correction resulting in relative expanded uncertainties (% U) for the P mass fractions in the range of 0.1 to 0.4 (95 % confidence level) for most of the thymidine 5 -monophosphate (TMP), calf thymus DNA (CTDNA), and plasmid DNA (PLDNA) analyses. The d-DIHEN with HP-ICP-OES methodology allows for the quantification of DNA mass at P mass fractions as low as 0.5 g g-1 with small uncertainty ( 0.4 %). This successful approach will aide in the development and certification of nucleic acid certified reference materials (CRMs), particularly for these samples that are typically limited in volume
Analytical Chemistry


ICP-OES, DNA, d-DIHEN, Phosphorous


Brennan, R. , Rabb, S. , Holden, M. and Winchester, M. (2009), Potential Primary Measurement Tool for the Quantification of DNA, Analytical Chemistry, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created May 1, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017