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A post-processing-free single-photon random number generator with ultra-low latency.



Michael A. Wayne, Joshua C. Bienfang, Zachary H. Levine, Alan L. Migdall


The low-latency requirements of a practical loophole-free Bell test preclude time-consuming post- processing steps that are often used to improve the statistical quality of a physical random number generator (RNG). Here we demonstrate a post-processing-free RNG that produces a random bit within 2.4(2) ns of an input trigger. We use weak feedback to eliminate long-term drift, resulting in 24 hour operation with output that is statistically indistinguishable from a Bernoulli process. We quantify the impact of the feedback on the predictability of the output as less than 2x10-7 and demonstrate the utility of the Allan variance as a tool for characterizing non-idealities in RNGs.
Optics Express


random number generation, quantum information, single-photon
Created December 10, 2018