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Polymer Surface/Interface Consortium 2018 Workshop Report



Ronald S. Lankone, Li Piin Sung, David G. Goodwin, Andrew Fairbrother


The Polymer Surface/Interface (PSI) consortium held a two-day workshop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD on October 17th & 18th, 2018 titled, “The development of characterization tools, test methods, modeling approaches, and improvement of environmental stress simulation for plastics, coatings, interfaces, and composites.” Day 1 of the workshop was open to PSI members, prospective industrial partners, and the general NIST community. It was structured around invited speakers and short presentations (10-15 minutes in length) in the morning, followed by two open panel discussions in the afternoon. Day 2 of the workshop was reserved for PSI business for consortium members and interested prospective members only. Participants in this workshop included PSI’s present members (NIST Engineering Laboratory, Eastman Chemical, Anton Paar, The Boeing Co. (invited but unable to attend), Dow Chemical, SABIC, and Saint-Gobain) as well as prospective industrial partners. The purpose of this workshop, as articulated to members and invitees, was to identify research gaps and delineate future needs through (1) discussion of the current state of the science for service life prediction (SLP) of polymeric systems exposed to environmental stresses; (2) exchange of recent developments in characterization tools, test methods, modeling approaches, and environmental stress simulation for plastics, coatings, interfaces, and composites; and (3) facilitation of industrial collaborations with NIST to establish weathering correlations on industrial-relevant chemistries and exposure sites/conditions in conjunction with SPHERE exposure experiments. The purpose of this report is to both summarize the broad array of topics presented, as well as communicate the major themes, research needs, and future technological and collaborative directions covered during the panel discussions.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1255
Report Number


Polymer, surface, interface, weathering, aging, characterization, service life prediction, SPHERE
Created July 28, 2020, Updated July 29, 2020