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Polymer Glass-Formation in Variable Dimension



Jack F. Douglas, Freed Karl, Wensheng Xu


We explore the nature of glass-formation in variable spatial dimensionality (d) based on the generalized entropy theory, a synthesis of the Adam-Gibbs model with direct computation of the configurational entropy of polymer fluids using an established statistical mechanical model. We find that structural relaxation in the fluid state asymptotically becomes Arrhenius in the d → ∞ limit and that the fluid transforms upon sufficient cooling above a critical dimension near d = 8 into a dense amorphous state with a finite positive residual configurational entropy. Direct computations of the isothermal compressibility and thermal expansion coefficient, taken to be physical measures of packing frustration, demonstrate that these fluid properties strongly correlate with the fragility of glass-formation.
Advanced Chemical Physics


glass-formation, variable dimensionality, Adam-Gibbs theory, polymer melts, critical dimension


Douglas, J. , Karl, F. and Xu, W. (2016), Polymer Glass-Formation in Variable Dimension, Advanced Chemical Physics (Accessed May 18, 2024)


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Created January 14, 2016, Updated April 23, 2020