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Polarized neutron beam properties for measuring parity-violating spin rotation in liquid He4



A M. Micherdzinska, C. D. Bass, T. D. Bass, K. F. Gan, D Lou, D M. Markoff, Hans P. Mumm, Jeffrey S. Nico, A. K. Opper, E I. Sharapov, M Snow, H E. Swanson, V Zhumabekova


Measurements of parity-violating neutron spin rotation can provide insight into the poorly nderstood nucleon-nucleon weak interaction. Because the expected rotation angle per unit length is small (10−7 rad/m), several properties of the polarized cold neutron beam phase space and the neutron optical elements of the polarimeter must be measured to quantify possible systematic effects. This paper presents (1) an analysis of a class of possible systematic uncertainties in neutron spin rotation measurements associated with the neutron polarimetry, and (2) measurements of the relevant neutron beam properties (intensity distribution, energy spectrum, and the product of the neutron beam polarization and the analyzing power as a function of the beam phase space properties) on the NG-6 cold neutron beam-line at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research. We conclude that the phase space nonuniformities of the polarimeter in this beam are small enough that a parity-violating neutron spin rotation measurement in n-4He with systematic uncertainties at the 10−7 rad/m level is possible.
Nuclear Instruments & Methods A


cold neutrons, liquid helium, neutron physics, nucleon-necleon weak interaction, parity violation, polarized neutrons
Created December 14, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017