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Polarization Locked Vector Solitons and Axis Instability in Optical Fiber



S T. Cundiff, B C. Collings, K Bergman


We experimentally observe polarization-locked vector solitons in optical fiber. Polarization locked-vector solitons use nonlinearity to preserve their polarization state despite the presence of birefringence. To achieve conditions where the delicate balance between nonlinearity anbirefringence can survive, we studied the polarization evolution of the pulses circulating in a laser constructed entirely of optical fiber. We observe two distinct states with fixed polarization. This first state occurs for very small values birefringence and is elliptically polarized. We measure the relative phase between components along, the two principal axes to be plus or minuw}π/2. The relative amplitude varies linearly with themagnitude of the birefringence. This state is a polarization locked vector soliton. The second, linearly polarized, state occurs for larger valueof birefrin-ence. The second state is due to the fast axis instability. We provide complete characterization of these states, and present a physical explanation of both of these states and the stability of the polarization locked vector solitons.


optical fiber, solitons


Cundiff, S. , Collings, B. and Bergman, K. (2008), Polarization Locked Vector Solitons and Axis Instability in Optical Fiber, Chaos (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008