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A Platform for Observing the Behavior of AFM Cantilevers During Quasi-Static Loading



Jon R. Pratt, Lee M. Kumanchik, Tony L. Schmitz


This paper describes a platform for studying the bending behavior of ultra-compliant (stiffness less than 1 N/m) atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers. The fundamental issue is that a cantilever does not represent an ideal design for precision force measurement due to the parasitic motion of the tip under load. For ultra-compliant cantilevers, the combination of a high adhesive force at the tip and parasitic motion can lead to proportionally substantial lateral (in-plane) forces. In addition, the tip-surface adhesive force can increase the propensity for sticking which is a considerable concern for colloidal probes due to the increased contact surface. These effects can manifest as deviate bending behavior and have been suggested as confounding contact style force calibration/measurement since force is commonly related to tip displacement by an assumed bending model.
Conference Dates
October 19-24, 2008
Conference Location
Portland, OR
Conference Title
ASPE 23rd Annual Meeting & 12th ICPE


AFM, AFM cantilever


Pratt, J. , Kumanchik, L. and Schmitz, T. (2008), A Platform for Observing the Behavior of AFM Cantilevers During Quasi-Static Loading, ASPE 23rd Annual Meeting & 12th ICPE, Portland, OR, [online], (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created October 19, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017