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Planning Buildings that will Last



G J. Frohnsdorff, H Davies


In designing a building that will perform reliably over a specified time, a designer needs a vast amount of information about the performance of the available materials and components (hereafter referred to, collectively, as maerials) in the likely service (degradation) environments. The standard recognizes the essential role that information and information technology must play in service life planning of buildings, particularly if life-cycle cost (LCC) and cradle-to-grave environmental impact as determined by life-cycle assement (LCA) are to be taken into account.
ISO Bulletin


building construction, buildings and constructed assets, design life, ISO 15686, ISO Technical Committee, life-cycle assessment (LCA), life-cycle cost (LCC), service life planning, Subcommittee 14


Frohnsdorff, G. and Davies, H. (2017), Planning Buildings that will Last, ISO Bulletin (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017