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Picosecond Pulse Amplification With an External Passive Optical Cavity



E Potma, Christopher J. Evans, X. Xie, R. J. Jones, Jun Ye


We experimentally demonstrate the amplification of picosecond pulses at high repetition rates through coherent addition of successive pulses of a mode-locked pulse train in a high finesse optical cavity equipped with cavity dumping. Amplification greater than 30 times is obtained at a repetition rate of 253 kHz, boosting the 5.3 nJ pulses from a commercial mode-locked ps Ti:saphire laser to pulse energies of more than 150 nJ. Future improvement and potential applications of the passive amplifier are discussed.
Optics Letters


amplifier, ultrafast laser


Potma, E. , Evans, C. , Xie, X. , Jones, R. and Ye, J. (2021), Picosecond Pulse Amplification With an External Passive Optical Cavity, Optics Letters (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021