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Physical Properties of LiMn2-xMxO4 (M = Ni, Fe) Sol-Gel Nanopowders



E. Talik, L. Lipinska, A. Guzik, Pawel Zajdel, M. Michalska, M. Szubka, M. Kadziolka-Gawel, Rick L. Paul


The Pechini sol-gel method was applied to obtain LiMn2-xTxO4 (T=Ni, Fe; x = 0.1 to 0.5) nanopowders. Crystal and electronic structures, chemical composition and magnetic properties of the materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction, XPS, SEM/EDX microscopy, PGAA, MOssbauer spectroscopy and magnetic susceptibility respectively. XRD measurements showed that with the exception of 3 highest substitutions in the Ni series, the materials were single phase. Analysis of oxidation state of the dopants by XPS revealed ionic Ni2+ and Fe3+. Mossbauer spectroscopy also confirmed 3+ oxidation state of iron and its location on octahedral sites, which excluded the inverse spinel configuration. XPS examinations showed that Mn3+ ions dominate in the iron substituted series whereas the Mn4+ is dominant in the nickel series. Magnetic measurements indicated the presence of short range correlations in all of the compounds.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds


Nanomaterials, lithium manganese oxides, spinels


Talik, E. , Lipinska, L. , Guzik, A. , Zajdel, P. , Michalska, M. , Szubka, M. , Kadziolka-Gawel, M. and Paul, R. (2014), Physical Properties of LiMn<sub>2-x</sub>MxO<sub>4</sub> (M = Ni, Fe) Sol-Gel Nanopowders, Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created December 14, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021