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Photonic-crystal-reflector nano-resonators for Kerr-frequency combs



Su P. Yu, Hojoong Jung, Travis Briles, Kartik Srinivasan, Scott Papp


We demonstrate Kerr-frequency-comb generation with photonic-crystal-reflector (PCR) resonators, which is nanofabricated in a Fabry-Perot geometry. The group-velocity-dispersion (GVD) engineered photonic-crystal reflectors counteract the strong normal GVD of rectangular waveguide fabricated on a thin, 450-nm silicon nitride device layer. The reflectors provide the resonators with both the high optical quality factor and anomalous GVD required for Kerr-comb generation. We report design, fabrication, and characterization of devices in the 1550-nm wavelengths bands, including the GVD spectrum and quality factor. Moreover, we report Kerr-comb generation by exciting the devices with a continuous-wave laser. The versatility of PCRs enables a general design principle and a common device infrastructure for Kerr-nonlinear- resonator processes, opening new possibilities for manipulation of light. Visible and multi- spectral-band resonators appear to be natural extensions of the PCR approach.
ACS Photonics


frequency combs, integrated photonics, Kerr effect, nonlinear optics, photonic crystals


Yu, S. , Jung, H. , Briles, T. , Srinivasan, K. and Papp, S. (2019), Photonic-crystal-reflector nano-resonators for Kerr-frequency combs, ACS Photonics, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created July 8, 2019, Updated March 25, 2024