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Phosphate-Functionalized MOF-808 for High Performance Li-S Batteries



Bingqian Liu, Avery Baumann, Megan Butala, V. Sara Thoi


Lithium–sulfur batteries are promising candidates for next-generation energy storage devices due to their outstanding theoretical energy density. However, they suffer from low sulfur utilization and poor cyclability, greatly limiting their practical implementation. Herein, we adopted a phosphate-functionalized zirconium metal–organic framework (Zr-MOF) as a sulfur host. With their porous structure, remarkable electrochemical stability, and synthetic versatility, Zr-MOFs present great potential in preventing soluble polysulfides from leaching. Phosphate groups were introduced to the framework post-synthetically since they have shown a strong affinity towards lithium polysulfides and an ability to facilitate Li ion transport. The successful incorporation of phosphate in MOF-808 was demonstrated by a series of techniques including infrared spectroscopy, solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and X-ray pair distribution function analysis. When employed in batteries, phosphate-functionalized Zr-MOF (MOF-808-PO4) exhibits significantly enhanced sulfur utilization and ion diffusion compared to the parent framework, leading to higher capacity and rate capability. The improved capacity retention and inhibited self-discharge rate also demonstrate effective polysulfide encapsulation utilizing MOF-808-PO4. Furthermore, we explored their potential towards high-density batteries by examining the cycling performance at various sulfur loadings. Our approach to correlate structure with function using hybrid inorganic–organic materials offers new chemical design strategies for advancing battery materials.
Chemistry-A European Journal


Liu, B. , Baumann, A. , Butala, M. and Thoi, V. (2023), Phosphate-Functionalized MOF-808 for High Performance Li-S Batteries, Chemistry-A European Journal, [online],, (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created May 8, 2023, Updated May 31, 2023