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Phenomenology of Passive Broadband Terahertz Images



Charles Dietlein, A. Luukanen, Francois Meyer, Zoya Popovic, Erich N. Grossman


Images acquired by a 105-mK noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) scanned single-pixel broadband 0.1-1 THz passive system are analyzed with two specific parameters of interest in mind. First, the minimum system noise level for clothing feature extraction and concealed weapons detection is determined empirically by measuring the temperature differences created by clothing folds/ripples and ceramic/metallic weapons, and adding specific levels of noise to the image. Second, the effective spatial resolution of the images is found by examining the transition between temperature regions throughout the scene and finding the effective frequency of operation via theoretical edge diffraction.
Proceedings Title
ESA Workshop on Millimetre-wave Technology and Applications
Conference Dates
February 15-17, 2006
Conference Location
Espoo, 1, FI


effective spatial resolution, feature detection, passive imaging, superconducting, terahertz


Dietlein, C. , Luukanen, A. , Meyer, F. , Popovic, Z. and Grossman, E. (2006), Phenomenology of Passive Broadband Terahertz Images, ESA Workshop on Millimetre-wave Technology and Applications, Espoo, 1, FI, [online], (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created February 14, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021