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Phase Transitions in K-doped MoO2



L.M.S. Alves, B.S. de Lima, C.A.M. dos Santos, A. Rabello, S.H. Masunaga, J. J. Neumeier, Juscelino Leao


K0.05MoO2 has been studied by x-ray and Neutron diffractometry, electrical resistivity, magnetization, heat cpacity, and thermal expansion measurements. The compound displays two phase transitions, a first order phase transition near room temperature and a second order transition near 54 K. Below the transition at 54 K, a weak magnetic ordering is observed and the electrical resistivity behavior is well described by a power-law temperature dependence with exponent near 0.5. The phase transitions in the K-doped MoO2 compound have been discussed for the first time using Neutron diffraction, high resolution thermal expansion, and heat capacity measurements as a function of temperature.
Journal of Applied Physics


Molybdenum dioxide, Thermodynamic properties, Phase transitions, Crystallography, thermal expansion


Alves, L. , de Lima, B. , dos Santos, C. , Rabello, A. , Masunaga, S. , Neumeier, J. and Leao, J. (2014), Phase Transitions in K-doped MoO<sub>2</sub>, Journal of Applied Physics, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created May 29, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021