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Phase-locked, erbium-fiber-laser-based frequency comb in the near infrared



Brian Washburn, Jeffrey W. Nicholson, C. G. Jorgensen, M. Yan, Scott Diddams, Nathan R. Newbury


A phase-locked frequency comb in the near-infrared is demonstrated with a mode-locked, Erbium-doped, fiber laser, whose output is amplified and spectrally broadened in dispersion-flattened highly nonlinear optical fiber to span from 1100 nm to >2200 nm. The supercontinuum output comprises a frequency comb with a spacing set by the laser repetition rate and an offset set by the carrier-envelope offset frequency, which is detected with the standard f-to-2f heterodyne technique. The comb spacing and offset frequency are phase-locked to a stable rf signal with a fiber stretcher in the laser cavity and by control of the pump laser power, respectively. This infrared comb permits frequency metrology experiments in the near-infrared in a compact, fiber-laser-based system.
Optics Letters


frequency comb, frequency metrology, supercontinuum


Washburn, B. , Nicholson, J. , Jorgensen, C. , Yan, M. , Diddams, S. and Newbury, N. (2004), Phase-locked, erbium-fiber-laser-based frequency comb in the near infrared, Optics Letters (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created January 31, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021