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Phase Equilibria of the Ba-Sm-Y-Cu-O System for Coated Conductor Applications



Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Guangyao Liu, Zhi Yang, James A. Kaduk, Lawrence P. Cook


The complex phase relationships near the BaO-poor region of the quaternary Ba-Sm-Y-Cu-O oxide system prepared in pure air (pO2 = 22 kPa, 950 ºC) and in 0.1% O2 (pO2=100 Pa, 810 ºC) have been determined. This investigation also included the subsolidus compatibilities in ten subsystems (Ba-Sm-Y-O, Ba-Sm-Cu-O, Ba-Y-Cu-O, Sm-Y-Cu-O, Ba-Sm-O, Ba-Y-O, Ba-Cu-O, Sm-Y-O, Sm-Cu-O, and Y-Cu-O), and the homogeneity range of five solid solutions (Ba(Sm,Y)2CuO5, (Sm,Y)2O3, (Sm,Y)2CuO4, (Y,Sm)2Cu2O5, and Ba(Sm,Y)2O4). The single phase range of the superconductor solid solution, Ba2-x(Sm1+x-yYy)Cu3O6+z, and the phase compatibility in its vicinity, which is particularly important for processing, were described in detail. The phase equilibrium data of the Ba-Sm-Y-Cu-O system will enable the improvement of the intrinsic superconducting properties of second-generation wires and facilitates the flux-pinning process.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry


Ba-Sm-Y-Cu-O phase diagrams, Ba2-x(Sm1+x-yYy)Cu3O6+z solid solution, coated conductors


Wong-Ng, W. , Liu, G. , Yang, Z. , Kaduk, J. and Cook, L. (2010), Phase Equilibria of the Ba-Sm-Y-Cu-O System for Coated Conductor Applications, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, [online], (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created September 8, 2010, Updated November 10, 2018