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Phase Diagram and Crystal Chemistry of the La-Ca-Co-O System



Winnie K. Wong-Ng, William J. Laws, Yonggao Y. Yan


The phase diagram of the La-Ca-Co-O system at 885 °C in air has been determined. The system consists of two materials that have interesting thermoelectric properties, namely, the misfit layered thermoelectric oxide solid solution, (Ca, La)3Co4O9, and Ca3Co2O6 which consists of 1D chains of alternating CoO6 trigonal prism and CoO6 octahedra. The reported La2CaO4 and the Ca-doped (La,Ca)2CoO4 phases were not found at 885 °C. As a result of the absence of these phases, the phase diagram is significantly different from that reported at 1100 ° C. Small solid solution regions of (La1-xCax)2O3-x (0
Solid State Sciences


Phase diagram, Thermoelectric system, La-Ca-Co-O, crystal chemsitry
Created December 27, 2012, Updated November 10, 2018