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Perspective: Reproducible coherence characterization of superconducting quantum devices



Corey Rae McRae, Joshua Combes, Gregory Stiel, Haozhi Wang, Sheng Xiang Lin, David P. Pappas, Josh Mutus


As the field of superconducting quantum computing approaches maturity, optimization of single-device performance is proving to be a promising avenue toward large-scale quantum computers. However, this optimization is possible only if performance metrics can be accurately compared among measurements, devices, and laboratories. Currently, such comparisons are inaccurate or impossible due to understudied errors from a plethora of sources. In this Perspective, we outline the current state of error analysis for qubits and resonators in superconducting quantum circuits and discuss what future investigations are required before superconducting quantum device optimization can be realized.
Applied Physics Letters


superconducting qubit, TLS loss, quantum computing, cryogenic measurement, metrology


McRae, C. , Combes, J. , Stiel, G. , Wang, H. , Lin, S. , Pappas, D. and Mutus, J. (2021), Perspective: Reproducible coherence characterization of superconducting quantum devices, Applied Physics Letters, [online],, (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created September 6, 2021, Updated April 25, 2023