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Periodic Boundary Conditions for Demagnetization Interactions in Micromagnetic Simulations



Michael J. Donahue, Kristof M. Lebecki, M.W. Gutowski


A new method for the introduction of periodic boundary conditions to the selfmagnetostatic (demagnetization) term in micromagnetic simulations is described, using an Ewaldlike summation method in real space. The long-range character of the dipolar interactions is included without any distance cutoffs. The accumulated errors are carefully monitored to provide easy control of the quality of the results. This allows the calculations to be either accurate up to floating point limitations, or less precise when computational speed requirements dominate. This method is incorporated into a full micromagnetic program, and comparisons are made to analytic results.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter
Art. No. 175005


finite difference methods, micromagnetics, numerical simulation, periodic boundary conditions


Donahue, M. , Lebecki, K. and Gutowski, M. (2008), Periodic Boundary Conditions for Demagnetization Interactions in Micromagnetic Simulations, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, [online], (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created September 7, 2008, Updated February 17, 2017