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Performance Evaluation of Proximity Services and Wi-Fi for PublicSafety Mission Critical Voice Application



Wesley D. Garey, Yishen Sun, Richard A. Rouil


Proximity Services (ProSe) and Wi-Fi are two promising technologies that may provide support for Mission Critical Voice (MCV) applications in remote and rural areas by enabling Device-to- Device (D2D) communication. In this paper, several performance metrics of ProSeand Wi-Fi are evaluated and compared side-by-side under various configurations. The ns-3 simulation results show that ProSe outperforms Wi-Fi in terms of coverage range and the access time with a medium traffic load, while Wi-Fi has a shorter access time under light traffic load. In addition, with various user densities, ProSe offers better performance in general. The evaluation in this paper provides insights to first responders on what to expect with either technology and how to improve the performance by adjusting different system parameters.
Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing


MCPTT, MCV, LTE, D2D, Public Safety, Public Safety Communications, Proxmity Services, ProSe, Wi-Fi, ns-3, Remote Area, Rural
Created May 21, 2020, Updated May 22, 2020