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Performance Evaluation of Chlorine Free Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures in Heat Pumps



J. Pannock, David Didion, R Radermacher


Fifteen binary zeotropic refrigerant mixtures consisting of the components R23, R32, R125, R133a, R143a, and R152a are investigated as possible replacement fluids for R22. The two mixtures of R32/R134a and R32/R152a showed COP improvements over R22 of up to 24% (depending on the operating condition and mixture composition) at the same capacity as with R22 while using counter flow heat exchange in evaporator and condenser. The use of a liquid line to suction line heat exchanger proved to be advantageous for both mixtures. The overall conductance for both mixtures is evaluated to be equal to or up to 22% greater (R32/R152a) than that of R22. Therefore, the heat exchanger size used with R22 should be sufficient to achieve performance increases with these zeotropic mixtures.
Proceedings Title
International Institute of Refrigeration
Conference Dates
July 1, 1992
Conference Location


refrigerants, heat pumps, chlorine, performance evaluation, fluids, mixtures, ozone, temperature, heat transfer, computer simulation, mixtures, entropy


Pannock, J. , Didion, D. and Radermacher, R. (1992), Performance Evaluation of Chlorine Free Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures in Heat Pumps, International Institute of Refrigeration, IN, [online], (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created July 1, 1992, Updated February 19, 2017