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Performance of Coriolis Meters in Transient Gas Flows



Jodie G. Pope, John D. Wright


NIST evaluated the instantaneous and totalized flow measured by two commercial coriolis meters under transient flow, pressure, and temperature conditions using a Transient Flow Facility (TFF) developed for this purpose. During a simulated cascade fill of a vehicle with gaseous hydrogen, the TFF discharged 3 kg of helium in 3 minutes at flows between 45 g/s and 10 g/s (Re = 6.0 X 105 to 1.4 X 106) through the coriolis meters and the TFF’s standards. The TFF’s expanded uncertainty (95 % confidence level) for totalized mass during this cascade fill was 0.45 %. For the same simulated cascade fill, both evaluated coriolis meters measured the instantaneous flow within the uncertainty of the TFF and measured totalized flow within the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML R 139) uncertainty goals for meters in gaseous fuel dispensers (
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation


Coriolis Meter, gaseous refueling, Transient gas flow
Created March 17, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017