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Performance of Composite Beams in Fire: Pre-test Analysis of Full-scale Experiments



Joseph Main, Fahim H. Sadek, Jonathan Weigand, Jian Jiang, Lisa Choe, Selvarajah Ramesh, Matthew Hoehler, John L. Gross


This paper presents results from pre-test analysis of a full-scale 42 ft (12.8 m) span composite beam with bolted angle connections, under uniform gravity loading simulated using six equally spaced concentrated loads, and subjected to a 4000 kW compartment fire followed by a period of cooling. This configuration corresponds to the first in a series of composite beam fire tests to be performed in the National Fire Research Laboratory, with varying steel gravity connection types and slab-edge fixities. The beam, connections, and composite slab are modeled using a reduced-order shell-element-based modeling approach that enables coupled thermal-structural analysis by using the same finite element mesh for the heat transfer and structural analyses. This approach includes (i) realistic fire-induced thermal loads, (ii) temperature-dependent thermal and mechanical material properties, (iii) layered shell elements for the framing members and connections, and (iv) a newly developed reduced-order modeling approach for the composite slab on steel deck.
Proceedings Title
Eighth Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete (CCVIII), 2017
Conference Dates
July 23-26, 2017
Conference Location
Jackson Hole, WY, US


composite slab, Experiments, fire performance of structures, heat transfer, National Fire Research Laboratory, pre-test analysis


Main, J. , Sadek, F. , Weigand, J. , Jiang, J. , Choe, L. , Ramesh, S. , Hoehler, M. and Gross, J. (2017), Performance of Composite Beams in Fire: Pre-test Analysis of Full-scale Experiments, Eighth Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete (CCVIII), 2017, Jackson Hole, WY, US (Accessed December 9, 2023)
Created July 22, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021