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Performance of a C60+ Ion Source on a Dynamic SIMS Instrument



Albert J. Fahey, John G. Gillen, P Chi, Christine M. Mahoney


An IonOptika [1] C60+ ion source has been fitted onto a CAMECA [1] ims-4f. Stable ion beams of C60+ and C602+ have been obtained with typical currents approaching 20 nA under conditions that allow for several days of source operation. The beam has been able to be focussed into a spot size of ~1 ?m and scanning ion images acquired. We have performed analyses to characterize the performance of C60+ and C602+. Depth profiles of a Cr-Ni multi-layer and polymer films with C60+ have produced excellent results. We have discovered that under bombardment energies of
Applied Surface Science


Buckministerfullerene, cluster ion beams, ion source, SIMS ion source


Fahey, A. , Gillen, J. , Chi, P. and Mahoney, C. (2006), Performance of a C<sub>60</sub>+ Ion Source on a Dynamic SIMS Instrument, Applied Surface Science (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created July 1, 2006, Updated February 17, 2017