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A Performance-Based Analysis of a Hotel Building Using Two Egress Models



Erica D. Kuligowski, James A. Milke


This report compares results from similar egress models based on documented evacuation movement data. When EXIT89 and Simulex1 are used to 1) simulate the same design scenarios and 2) perform a bounding analysis of the hotel building, differences in egress times were identified. EXIT89 s evacuation times were found to be (25 to 40) % shorter than Simulex for the design scenarios, attributed to differences in unimpeded speeds, movement algorithms, methods of simulating slow occupants, density in the stairs, and stair configuration input between models. For the bounding analysis, EXIT89 produced maximum evacuation times (25 to 40) % shorter than Simulex.
Journal of Fire Protection Engineering


egress, evacuation, EXIT89, hotels, model, Simulex


Kuligowski, E. and Milke, J. (2017), A Performance-Based Analysis of a Hotel Building Using Two Egress Models, Journal of Fire Protection Engineering (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017