Performance Analysis of Multi-Product Bernoulli Lines with Dedicated Finite Buffers

Published: December 20, 2017


Shaw C. Feng, Kyungsu Park, Jingshan Li


This paper is devoted to studying the performance of multi-product two-machine lines with Bernoulli reliability machines and dedicated finite buffers under priority, cyclic and work-in-process (WIP)-based scheduling policies. For small scale systems, exact solutions are derived using Markov chain models. For larger ones, a flexible line is decomposed into multiple interacting dedicated serial lines, and iteration procedures are introduced to approximate system production rate. Through extensive numerical experiments, it is shown that the approximation methods result in acceptable accuracy in throughput estimation. In addition, system-theoretic properties such as asymptotic behavior, reversibility, and monotonicity, as well as impact of buffer capacities and policy comparisons, are discussed.
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
Pub Type: Journals

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Bernoulli machine, multiple products, production rate, scheduling policy, dedicated buffer, decomposition and iteration method, key performance indicator (KPI).
Created December 20, 2017, Updated December 20, 2017