Perceptions of Smart Home Privacy and Security Responsibility, Concerns, and Mitigations

Published: August 11, 2019


Julie M. Haney, Susanne M. Furman, Mary F. Theofanos, Yasemin Acar Fahl


Smart home devices are increasingly being used by nontechnical users who have little understanding of the technology, including privacy and security implications. To better understand perceptions of smart home privacy and security, we are conducting an interview study of individuals living in smart homes. Preliminary analysis reveals potential relationships between perceptions of responsibility and privacy and security concerns and mitigation actions. Results can inform future efforts to educate users about their responsibility, advance the protection of user data, and protect the devices from unintended access.
Proceedings Title: N/A - no proceedings - will be made available on conference poster website
Conference Dates: August 11-13, 2019
Conference Location: Santa Clara, MD
Conference Title: Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security
Pub Type: Conferences

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internet of things, smart home, usable security, usable privacy
Created August 11, 2019, Updated August 19, 2019