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Patterning of Self-assembled Alkanethiol Monolayers on Silver by Microfocus Ion and Electron Beam Bombardment



John G. Gillen, Scott A. Wight, Joe Bennett, Michael J. Tarlov


Decanethiol [CH3(CH2)9SH] self-assembled monolayer films on silver substrates have been irradiated in selected areas by focused ion or electron bombardment. Subsequent immersion of the irradiated sample in a solution of a fluoromercaptan [CF3(CF2)2(CH2)2SH] results in attachment of this molecule to the silver surface in the ion or electron-exposed regions, producing a micrometer spatial-scale pattern of two chemically distinct alkanethiol monolayers. The coverage of the fluoromercaptan on the bombarded areas was found to reach maximum levels of 70% at ion doses of 6×1013 ions/cm2 and 50% at electron doses of 2×1017 electrons/cm2 as determined by secondary ion mass spectrometry. These methods of maskless patterning may be useful for semiconductor or biosensor device fabrication. Applied Physics Letters is copyrighted by The American Institute of Physics.
Applied Physics Letters
Created April 1, 1994, Updated February 19, 2017