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Parametric seeding of a microresonator optical frequency comb



Scott B. Papp, Pascal P. Del'Haye, Scott A. Diddams


We have investigated parametric seeding of a microresonator frequency comb (microcomb) by way of a pump laser with two intensity modulation sidebands. We show that the pump-sideband spacing is precisely replicated throughout the microcomb's optical spectrum, and we demonstrate a record absolute line spacing stability for microcombs of $1.6\times10^{-13}$ at 1 s. Parametric comb generation is complicated, and often non-equidistant subcombs are observed. Our results demonstrate that parametric seeding can not only control the subcombs, but it can lead to the generation of a strictly equidistant microcomb spectrum.
Optics Express


frequency metrology, microresonators, nonlinear optics, optical frequency combs


Papp, S. , Del'Haye, P. and Diddams, S. (2013), Parametric seeding of a microresonator optical frequency comb, Optics Express (Accessed February 23, 2024)
Created July 16, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017