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An Overset Mesh Framework for an Isentropic ALE Navier-Stokes HDG Formulation



Justin A. Kauffman, William L. George, Jonathan S. Pitt


Fluid-structure interaction simulations where solid bodies undergo large deformations require special handling of the mesh motion for Arbitrarily Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulations. Such formulations are necessary when body-fitted meshes with certain characteristics, such as boundary layer resolution, are required to properly resolve the problem. We present an overset mesh method to accommodate such problems in which flexible bodies undergo large deformations, or where rigid translation modes of motion occur. To accommodate these motions of the bodies through the computational domain, an overset mesh enabled ALE formulation for fluid flow is discretized with the hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) finite element method. The overset mesh framework applied to the HDG method enables the deforming and translating dynamic meshes to maintain quality without remeshing. Verification is performed to demonstrate optimal order convergence O(k+1) is obtained for arbitrary overlap and approximation order k.
Conference Dates
January 6-11, 2019
Conference Location
San Diego, CA
Conference Title
AIAA-Scitech 2019


Overset Mesh Method, Hybrdizable Discontinuous Galerkin, HDG, ALE
Created January 6, 2019, Updated June 5, 2019