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The Osmotic Virial Repersentation of the Free Energy of Polymer Mixing



Jack F. Douglas, August W. Bosse


In this Letter we derive a new representation of the free energy of polymer mixing. We begin with a Flory-Huggins-like free energy of mixing, and assume that the excess free energy of mixing exhibits an arbitrary dependence on the blend composition that can be expressed as a power series in the composition variable. We then demonstrate that the Flory-Huggins free energy can be represented as an infinite series in the osmotic virial coeficients. The osmotic virial representation derived herein is consistent with, but more general than those derived in previous work.
Journal of Chemical Physics


polymer blends, miscibility, virial expansion, Flory-Huggins Theory, monomer shape


Douglas, J. and Bosse, A. (2015), The Osmotic Virial Repersentation of the Free Energy of Polymer Mixing, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created September 14, 2015, Updated January 27, 2020