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Organizing Self-Assembled Porphyrin Arrays on Metal and Glass Surfaces



J Batteas, J C. Garno, Charles M. Drain, G Smeureanu, T Milic


Herein we report an investigation of the surface organization of tetrameric arrays of porphyrins self-assembled by metal ion coordination to exocyclic pyridyl ligands. Four supramolecular porphyrinic squares were made to investigate the commingled roles of supramolecular structure, dynamics, and stability as well as the effects of peripheral substitution on the surface organization of self-assembled chromophores. Patterning of these materials via microfluidic flow will also be described.
Polymer Preprints


AFM, molecular electronics, nanoscale materials, optoelectronics


Batteas, J. , Garno, J. , Drain, C. , Smeureanu, G. and Milic, T. (2008), Organizing Self-Assembled Porphyrin Arrays on Metal and Glass Surfaces, Polymer Preprints (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008