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Order and Disorder in the Local and Long-Range Structure of the Spin-Glass Pyrochlore, Tb2Mo2Od7^



Yu Jiang, Ashfia Huq, Corwin H. Booth, Georg Ehlers, John E. Greedan, Jason S. Gardner


To understand the origin of the spin-glass state in molybdate pyrochlores, the structure of Tb2Mo2O7 is investigated using two techniques: the long-range lattice structure was measured using neutron powder diffraction (NPD), and the local structure information was obtained from extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) measurements. While the long-range structure appears well ordered, enhanced mean-squared site displacements on the Mo and O(1) sites indicate some disorder exists. Likewise, the local structure measurements indicate nearest-neighbor disorder exists, similar to that found in the related spin-glass pyrochlore, Y2Mo2O7. Although the freezing temperature in Tb2Mo2O7, 25 K, is slightly higher than in Y2Mo2O7, 22 K, the degree of local bond disorder is actually less in Tb2Mo2O7. This apparaent contradiction is considered in light of the interactions involved in the freezing process.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


EXAFS, Tb2Mo2O7, spin glass


Jiang, Y. , Huq, A. , Booth, C. , Ehlers, G. , Greedan, J. and Gardner, J. (2011), Order and Disorder in the Local and Long-Range Structure of the Spin-Glass Pyrochlore, Tb<sub>2</sub>Mo<sub>2O</sub>d7^, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, [online], (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created April 26, 2011, Updated October 12, 2021