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An Optomechanical Accelerometer with a High-Finesse Hemispherical Optical Cavity



Yiliang Bao, Felipe Guzman, Arvind K. Balijepalli, John R. Lawall, Jacob M. Taylor, Thomas W. LeBrun, Jason J. Gorman


A new design for an optomechanical accelerometer is presented. The design includes a hemispherical optical cavity that can achieve high finesse and a proof mass that is well-constrained by silicon nitride beams. Based on previous work and analysis, the resolution of the accelerometer will be below 1 μg/rt-Hz. Novel MEMS fabrication processes have been developed for the accelerometer that provide optimized optical and mechanical elements. The optical cavity in the accelerometer has been characterized and a tunable laser has been locked to the cavity, thereby demonstrating the possibility for closed-loop operation of the accelerometer.
Proceedings Title
IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems
Conference Dates
February 23-25, 2016
Conference Location
Laguna Beach, CA


accelerometer, MEMS, Fabry-Perot, optical cavity
Created February 23, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018