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Optimizing Unlicensed Band Spectrum Sharing With Subspace-Based Pareto Tracing



Zachary J. Grey, Susanna Mosleh, Jake Rezac, Yao Ma, Jason Coder, Andrew Dienstfrey


In order to meet the ever-growing demands of data throughput for forthcoming and deployed wireless networks, new wireless technologies like Long-Term Evolution License-Assisted Access (LTE-LAA) operate in shared and unlicensed bands. However, the LAA network must co-exist with incumbent IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi systems. We consider a coexistence scenario where multiple LAA and Wi-Fi links share an unlicensed band. We aim to improve this coexistence by maximizing the networks' key performance indicators (KPIs) simultaneously via dimension reduction and multi-criteria optimization. These KPIs are network throughput as a function of medium access control protocols and physical layer parameters. We perform an exploratory analysis of network behavior by approximating active subspaces to identify low-dimensional structure of the optimization criteria, i.e., few linear combinations of parameters for simultaneously maximizing LTE-LAA throughput and Wi-Fi throughput. We take advantage of an aggregate low-dimensional subspace parametrized by approximated active subspaces of both throughputs to enable this multi-criteria optimization. The low-dimensional subspace approximations enable visualizations suggesting a predominantly convex set of KPIs over active coordinates leading to an analytic Pareto trace of near-optimal solutions.
Proceedings Title
Signal Processing for Communications Symposium
Conference Dates
June 14-18, 2021
Conference Location
Montreal, CA
Conference Title
IEEE International Conference on Communications


LTE-LAA, Wi-Fi, wireless coexistence, MAC and physical layer parameters, active subspace, Pareto trace


Grey, Z. , Mosleh, S. , Rezac, J. , Ma, Y. , Coder, J. and Dienstfrey, A. (2021), Optimizing Unlicensed Band Spectrum Sharing With Subspace-Based Pareto Tracing, Signal Processing for Communications Symposium, Montreal, CA, [online], (Accessed June 19, 2024)


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Created August 6, 2021, Updated March 15, 2022