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Optimal Dynamic Spectrum Access Scheme for Utilizing White Space in LTE Systems



Anirudha Sahoo, Timothy Hall, Robert C. Hagwood


In this study, we design and implement an algorithm for optimal dynamic spectrum access (DSA) in a shared spectrum system where the primary user (PU) is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) system. The cumulative hazard function from survival analysis is used to predict the remaining idle time available in each channel for secondary user (SU) transmission subject to a probability of successful completion. Optimal allocation of physical resource blocks (PRBs) for the SU is shown to be a variation of the unbounded knapsack problem. We evaluate the algorithm performance using three LTE data sets. The algorithms achieve good white space utilization and have a measured probability of interference around the target threshold.
Conference Dates
February 18-21, 2019
Conference Location
Marrakech, HI
Conference Title
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC)
Created April 15, 2019, Updated June 7, 2019