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An optically-modulated zero-field atomic magnetometer with suppressed spin-exchange broadening



Ricardo Jimenez Martinez, Svenja A. Knappe, John E. Kitching


We implement an optically-pumped 87Rb magnetometer based on a zero-field dispersive resonance enabled by the optical modulation of the 87Rb ground state energy levels. The magnetometer is operated in the spin-exchange relaxation-free regime where high magnetic field sensitivities can be achieved. Contrary to previous magnetometers that use a radio-frequency magnetic field to generate the zero-field dispersive resonance the device presented here does not need an intrinsic radio-frequency field to generate its signal. Such device can be used in applications requiring array-based magnetometers where radio frequency magnetic fields can induce cross-talk among the sensors or affect the source of the magnetic field being measured.
Review of Scientific Instruments


Optical magnetometry, Optical pumping, Zero-field magnetometer
Created April 29, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017