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Optical Properties of Fluids For 248 nm and 193 nm Immersion Photolithography



Simon G. Kaplan, John H. Burnett


We present measured values of the refractive index, thermo-optic coefficient, and absorption coefficient of a number of common organic solvents and aqueous inorganic solutions that may have application in immersion photolithography at 248 nm or 193 nm wavelength. The measurements were performed with a laser-based Hilger-Chance refractometer system whose design and operation are described. The optical properties of the sample fluids are compared to water, the currently favored immersion medium, and we discuss the potential for finding higher-index fluids which will be suitable for this application.
Applied Optics


fluids, immersion photolithography, optical absorption, refractive index, thermo-optic coefficient


Kaplan, S. and Burnett, J. (2006), Optical Properties of Fluids For 248 nm and 193 nm Immersion Photolithography, Applied Optics (Accessed March 3, 2024)
Created March 10, 2006, Updated June 27, 2017