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Optical-parametric oscillation in photonic-crystal ring resonators



Jennifer Black, Grant Brodnik, Haixin Liu, Su-Peng Yu, David Carlson, Jizhao Zang, Travis Briles, Scott Papp


By-design access to laser wavelength, especially with integrated photonics, is critical to advance quantum sensors, such as optical clocks and quantum-information systems, and open opportunities in optical communication. Semiconductor-laser gain provides exemplary efficiency and integration but merely in developed wavelength bands. Alternatively, nonlinear optics requires control of phase matching, but the principle of nonlinear conversion of a pump laser to a designed wavelength is extensible. We report on laser-wavelength access by versatile customization of optical-parametric oscillation (OPO) with a photonic-crystal ring resonator (PhCR). Leveraging the exquisite control of laser propagation provided by a photonic crystal in a traveling-wave ring resonator, we enable OPO generation across a wavelength range of 1234–2093 nm with a 1550-nm pump and 1016–1110 nm with a 1064-nm pump. Moreover, our platform offers pump-to-sideband conversion efficiency of >10% and negligible additive optical-frequency noise across the output range. From laser design to simulation of nonlinear dynamics, we use a Lugiato–Lefever framework that predicts the system characteristics, including bidirectional OPO generation in the PhCR and conversion efficiency in agreement with our observations. Our experiments introduce broadband lasers by design with PhCR OPOs, providing critical functionalities in integrated photonics.


Black, J. , Brodnik, G. , Liu, H. , Yu, S. , Carlson, D. , Zang, J. , Briles, T. and Papp, S. (2022), Optical-parametric oscillation in photonic-crystal ring resonators, Optica, [online],, (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created October 20, 2022, Updated November 29, 2022