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Optical frequency standards: Progress and applications



John L. Hall, Jun Ye, L -. Ma, K R. Vogel, Tim P. Dinneen


A number of individual small advances, taken together, bring us to the beginning of a new domain of optical frequency stability, reproducibility, and measurements. Particular advances include the refinment of Noise-Immune Cavity-Enhanced Optical Heterodyne Molecular Spectroscopy (NICE-OHMS), especially by active control of the residual AM produced by a phase modulation, and by improvement of the PZT's HV amplifier noise and stability. Replacing a mirror of a Kurogi comb generator by a selective output filter provides a freqency-displacement capability that will be very helpful in realizing a Divide and Conquer optical frequency synthesis chain.
International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy


laser frequency stability, optical frequency measuremment, optical frequency standards


Hall, J. , Ye, J. , Ma, L. , Vogel, K. and Dinneen, T. (2008), Optical frequency standards: Progress and applications, International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008