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Optical Atomic Clocks



Christopher W. Oates, N Poli, P. Gill, G.M. Tino


In the last ten years extraordinary results in time and frequency metrology have been demonstrated. Frequency stabilization techniques for continuous wave lasers and femto-second optical frequency combs have enabled a rapid development of frequency standards based on optical transitions in ultra-cold neutral atoms and trapped ions. As a result, today's best performing atomic clocks tick at an optical rate and allow scientists to perform high resolution measurements with a precision approaching a few parts in 1018. This paper reviews the state of the art in optical clock research and addresses the implementation of optical clocks in a possible future redefinition of the SI second as well as in tests of fundamental physics.
Rivista Del Nuovo Cimento


Atomic Frequency Standards, Femtosecond Frequency Combs, High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy, Optical Atomic Clocks


Oates, C. , Poli, N. , Gill, P. and Tino, G. (2013), Optical Atomic Clocks, Rivista Del Nuovo Cimento (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created December 1, 2013, Updated October 3, 2019