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Open Database for International and National Indoor Environmental Quality Guidelines



Steven Emmerich, Oluyemi Toyinbo, Linda Hagerhed, Sani Dimitroulopoulou, Marzenna Dudzinska, David Hemming, Ju-Hyeong Park, Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy


Globally, there is no consensus about IEQ standards, regulations, or guidelines. However, national guidelines from some individual countries and professional organizations exists, as well as IEQ guidelines developed by international agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Obtaining and referencing individual countries' existing IEQ guidelines is useful for policy makers, scientists, and practitioners globally. However, getting access to such information can be challenging, for example, due to language barriers and the lack of an integrated open database. Prior to the 2018 Indoor Air conference, a group of International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) members discussed the challenges of international IEQ guidelines. They noted that using the existing guidelines in an international context opens many questions about the applicability of the guidelines in different settings, their comparability, and limitations. To help overcome these challenges, an ISIAQ Scientific and Technical Committee (STC34) was initiated in September 2020. The committee aims to continuously monitor, collect, and organize information about IEQ guidelines worldwide, and to develop IEQ recommendations. In 2021, STC34 created an integrated, open IEQ database that is freely accessible through our website, Currently, the database is focused on indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters. In 2022, we intend to extend the database to include standards, regulations, and guidelines related to ventilation, comfort, acoustics, and lighting.
Indoor Air


indoor air quality, guideline, standard


Emmerich, S. , Toyinbo, O. , Hagerhed, L. , Dimitroulopoulou, S. , Dudzinska, M. , Hemming, D. , Park, J. and Haverinen-Shaughnessy, U. (2022), Open Database for International and National Indoor Environmental Quality Guidelines, Indoor Air, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created April 11, 2022, Updated March 11, 2024