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Observational Results of a Multi-Telescope Campaign to Detect Interstellar Urea [(NH2)2CO]



Francis J. Lovas, Anthony J. Remijan, Lewis E. Snyder, Brett A. McGuire, Hsin-Lun Kuo, Leslie W. Looney, Douglas N. Friedel, G. Y. Golbiatnikov, Vadim V. Ilyushin, E A. Alekseev, S F. Dyubko, Benjamin J. McCall, Jan M. Hollis


In this paper, we present observational evidence for gas phase urea observed towards the Sgr B2(N-LMH) region. We show data covering urea transitions from 100 GHz to 250 GHz from five different observational facilities: BIMA, CARMA, the NRAO 12 m telescope, the IRAM 30 m telescope, and SEST. The results show that the features ascribed to urea can be reproduced across the entire observed bandwidth and all facilities by best fit column density, temperature, and source size parameters which vary by less than a factor of 2 between observations merely by adjusting for telescope-specific parameters. Interferometric observations show that the emission arising from these transitions is cospatial and compact, consistent with the derived source sizes and emission from a single species. We present observational spectra, laboratory data, and models, and discuss our results in the context of a molecular detection of urea.
Astrophysical Journal


interstellar medium, interstellar molecules, microwave spectrum, radio astronomy, rotational spectrum, urea


Lovas, F. , Remijan, A. , Snyder, L. , McGuire, B. , Kuo, H. , Looney, L. , Friedel, D. , Golbiatnikov, G. , V., V. , Alekseev, E. , Dyubko, S. , McCall, B. and Hollis, J. (2014), Observational Results of a Multi-Telescope Campaign to Detect Interstellar Urea [(NH2)2CO], Astrophysical Journal, [online], (Accessed July 16, 2024)


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Created March 10, 2014, Updated November 10, 2018